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12V250 MDC

     WABTEC is one of the largest manufacturers of medium-speed diesel engines with new type non-SCR diesel technology which can meet the emission standard of EPA Tier4 and IMO TierⅢ. V250, Power from 1700Kw-4700Kw. It is reliable, durable, efficient, environmental friendly, energy-saving and easy to install and maintain. Meet emission standards and reduce emissions up to 70% with EGR. Eliminate urea use and storage to preserve cargo and tank space, easy installation, space and weight savings of 75%. No need to install SCR system to reduce initial investment and no operating cost.

  Engine data
  Number of cylinders 12
  Stroke cycle 4
  Cylinder arrangement V
  Bore mm(in) 250(9.8)
  Stroke mm(in) 320(12.6)
  Compression ratio 15.0:1
  MCR Kw(hp) 3150(4224)
  MCR Kw(hp) 3500(4694)
  Engine dimensions
  Length mm(in) 5284(208)
  Width mm(in) 2693(106.3)
  Height mm(in) 3636(143)
  Crank center line to sump mm(in) 1077(42.4)
  Crank center line to mounting feet mm(in) 536(21.1)
  Exhaust diameter mm(in) 610(24)
  Dry weight kg(lbs) 25,545(56,317)

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