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Yue On Singapore Pte.Ltd.
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Yue On Singapore Pte Ltd was founded in Singapore, a technical trade company which is composed of experienced engineering technicians and trading staff, we have experience in marine machineries and equipments import and export trade.

Since it was established, the company has been growing rapidly. Thanks to its rich professional knowledge and excellent service, it has made great progress in ship package supply and offshore supply, provided a series of solutions and industry-leading technology services to customers.

Main business:

GE marine engine and Spare parts

New shipbuilding equipment supply in package and ship conversion service

Power station equipment

Offshore equipment supply in package and service

Yue On cooperate with GE USA, it is the sole agency of GE diesel engine in China. It is responsible for the sales and technical supports of GE products. Yue On Singapore Pte Ltd officially introduced GE’s products to Chinese market. We will offer the high performance, energy saving, environment friendly products and the best services to Chinese customers. Mr. Li Zhongqi of Yueon Company received training of GE in United States: GE’s newly environment protection engine, the engine’s outline and inner structure, the skill of using the Special disassembly tools, more professional skills on maintenance, technique support and after-sales service.


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