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The engineer from Yue On got license of GE


Mr. Li Zhongqi of Yueon Company was invited by GE Transportation for training and study. The main contents are V250 Tier4 engine Hands on&eclips and Hands-on.

Mr. Li worked hard and always thought. He mastered the training content in a short time and won the approval from GE office. He got the Certificate of Completion with a high score. Mr. Gene Uppal , the trainer of GE, praised that Mr. Li’s ideas are special , can found the key point of problem and figured out the reasonable solutions, he was a talent of Yueon Company.

Mr. Li said: “I have a general idea about GE’s newly environment protection engine through the training and study, understand the engine’s outline and inner structure deeply. I also grasp the skill of using the Special disassembly tool. I will be more professional on sales and promotion after the training.


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