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GE Service


The Global Locomotive Service of  GE Transportation improves product reliability, asset utilization and operating costs meanwhile customer's requirements are met. Our products include customized service,high-quality spare parts, platform for EMD and other Engines, inspection, maintenance and upgrade services. Our remote monitoring and fault diagnosis technologies provide timely services to increase the service time of engine.

Service Procedure

From technical support to service agreements, GE Transportation can maintain the engine performance depending on its Service Procedure.

Maintenance and Overhaul

We provide one-stop solutions for engine that are overhauled, remanufactured or repaired.

Product and service upgrades

GE transportion has a series of products and services that can be installed on existing engine to introduce greater productivity and operational efficiency.

Maintenance service

GE's maintenance team provides you with full service or technical support options to get your engine back to work.

Spare parts service

We provide a full range of spare parts and service procedures,Include new  exchanged parts,diagnostic and monitoring techniques, maintenance, repair and product upgrade services, technical support in-situ, product support and training.

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