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     GE products are reliable, low operating costs, easy installation and maintenance; meet the emission requirements of IMO and EPA standards.

      GE has designed and built high performance diesel engines for more than 40 years and is one of the world's largest manufacturers of medium-speed diesel engines. Its engines have been widely used in working ships, merchant ships, marine and naval ships. GE medium speed diesel engine includes engine (main propulsion engine and auxiliary engine), generator set and monitoring system. Main engine ranges from 1307 to 4700 KW. The power range of the generator is from 1256 to 4487ekw, meet EPA Tier 4 and IMO TierⅢ emission requirements

      GE has good performance in the field of ship emissions and is a leader in emission technology. It has the first diesel engine in the world that can meet both EPA Tier 4 and IMO TierⅢ emission requirements without SCR system. It has more than 15000 engines operating around the world. In some of the most challenging industrial environments, GE engine is reliable, has durable stability and high efficiency.

      GE provides you with a full range of services. From power solutions, product sales and commissioning to spare parts supply, distribution, maintenance and repair. GE engines and generators are widely used in MSV, drilling vessels, offshore platforms, exploration vessels, tugboats, dredgers, ro-ro ships, ferries, barges, container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, fishing boats, etc.

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